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LANA Model

Hailee and I met over my business assignment to Manchester on the weekends. She is a treat to the eyes, and amazing to talk to. She has a lot of interests and her sensual teasing is just mesmerizing. Her curves are amazing looks tantalizing with her blonde hair. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

By Rudolf Harris on 10.06.2018

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Chrissi Model

If you are looking for an exotic beauty with a playful personality, then Chrisi is the perfect girl for you. I spend an in-call encounter with her, and she could not be more amazing. Her cheerful personality is always good company, and her expertise in sensual teasing is simply exquisite for Manchester Escorts service.

By Monty Singh on 07.05.2018

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Honey Model

An exquisite professional blonde companion when I asked for at Sunset Manchester Escort Agency, Katrina could not be more perfect! Her stylish and comfortable demeanour attracted me at an instant. Coupled with her sensual skills, she can be an excellent conversationalist as well. My natural affliction for blondes made our time together quite amazing.

By Brandon Manning on 06.06.2018

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Grace Model

On my tour to Manchester, I availed the company of Charlotte from Manchester escort service. She is an amazing extrovert lady with an uninhibited personality. Her long flowing locks of black hair was simply mesmerizing, along with her sensual personality and sexual prowess. She was lovely company and we had a great time together during my stay in Manchester.

By James Arthur on 01.06.2018

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Cookie Model

On a business trip to Manchester, I booked cookie on the weekends for a couple of outcall services. Her strong and sultry personality won me over instantly. It goes really well with her amicable and cheerful side. She is stunningly beautiful, and our private moments were pretty exquisite and sensual for me.

By Sam Ellison on 28.04 2018

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Elise Model

Tall, sexy and brunette, when I first saw Elise, I was mesmerized to see her beauty in person. She handled herself very causally and nonchalantly which impressed me the most. Her polished and fun companionship was amazing, and our private moments were much cherished as we both had loads of fun.

By Felix Martin on 27.05.2018

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Annabel Model

This ravishing lady was perfect for me. As soon as I opened the hotel room door to her I was face to face with a sensational beauty. Even better than the photos, which were pretty alluring. Annabel is such a glamorous lady with a warm smile that put me at ease straight away as I am quite new to this game. That is why I chose a slightly more mature lady hoping she had experience. I was not disappointed. We had a glass of wine and a chat before having some delightful fun. I will definitely bear this lady in mind next time I am in the area. She definitely open my eyes. Thanks babe xxx

By John on 17.06.2018

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Jenny Model

Jenny was even sweeter than the website suggested and yes she was naughty but nice. This enchanting young lady had me totally and utterly infatuated. She was chatty , kind, relaxing boosting my ego with kind comments. Hope I am back in the Manchester area soon as I am very much looking forward to a repeat performance - Gee Whizz

By Mr . X on 22.06.2018

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Hazel Model

Her photos caught my eye whilst browsing and I was not as she is sexier in the flesh. However it her personality and attentiveness that made it such a remember able hour. An hour was it really that long . It flew by as she is such fantastic company. Thanks a lot Hazel, may 2 hrs at least next time. WOW unforgettable. xx

By Jonny R on 12.05.2018

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Dora Model

I had pre planned this date, thinking I would fancy some company after flying in to manchester airport. Glad I had the foresight as I believe this sexy vicious lady is very popular. After meeting this gorgeous girl I can understand why. The kissing was fantastic and it just went on and got better by the second. She had a sexy accent , but alas not much time for chatting. Highly recommended - Thanks sweetie - just what I needed xx

By Mikey on 29.05.2018

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Milla Model

WOW how did I manage to find this beauty at last minute. Thanks to the wonderful reception staff I fell on my feet. They did not warn me how devastatingly sizzling and gorgeous Elise was. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I opened the door to her. One of the naughtiest ladies I have ever come across and took my breath away. Hot - Elise is aptly named. Thanks hun you were brill xx

By Big H on 15.06.2018

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Rebecca Model

What a charming lady - I chose her for her measurements and sex appeal, but found that she was the complete package. Witty charismatic chatty , put me at ease straight way with her warm smile as soon as I opened to door to her. I tried not to be too impolite, but I could not take my eyes off her boobs. Sorry Rebecca , hope i did not embarrass you too much, but I guess you get used to it.

By Mike on 14.04.2018

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Emily Model

As soon as I opened the door I instinctively knew Emily had been a good choice . She was immaculately dressed and looked classy. She gave me a very warm welcome and we chatty. I loved her quirky state side accent. Her body was amazing, as was her warm friendly bubbly personality. Thanks Emily for making me feel so comfortable and relaxed. xx

By Matty on 18.06.2018

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Dexi Model

Dexi's big brown eyes seduced me as soon as I set eyes on her. I am not usually one who is lost for words, but despite the photos I was awestruck. This girl is really worth meeting in the flesh. After a glass of wine and a chat we were ready for a bit of fun. A gentleman never tells, but I left ginning like a Cheshire cat. Thanks for a great experience from a super sexy girl. A dinner date would be great next time I am in the North West.

By Hot Rod on 21.05.2018

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Foxy Model

I have a partiality for playful blondes who like to have fun and was not disappointed by this absolute cracker. She was sizzling hot.

By Davey on 25/05/2018

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Sophie Model

I don't usually go for girls as young as this as they are usually giggly and immature. However, Sophie really caught my eye. Because of the huge age difference I was a bit self conscious, but I did not need to be as she made a very good job at showing she liked older guys. Can't remember when I was with someone as young. Sophie you did my ego and confidence a power of good. Thanks babe I will remember you for a long time. Shame I don't live in the area as I could get which addicted to that drug xxx

By John on 12/27/2017

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LeeRomana Model

After a hard day I was knackered, but had already booked my escort for an hour. Really pleased I did, though it was an effort to get ready for the visit of RomanaI certainly don't regret it. This sexy adorable girl really rejuvenated me with a bit of relaxing tender loving care and the wonderful session with her jolted me back into life. In truth I perked up as soon as I saw her.

By Richy on 19/06/2018

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Natalia Model

I have a weakness for Brazilian women and Eric really did not disappoint. Some time when you are really looking forward to something it does not live up to expectations. Erica you are really my dream girl. Your sexy girl friend experience was scintillating. Thanks for being the sexiest woman I have been with for a long time.

By Richard on 09/05/2018

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Stacey Model

Stacey was just pure gold with gorgeous long hair silky to touch and lovely to run your fingers through. The delightful Stacey was responsive and spontaneous and made me feel a million dollars. She made this old man feel on top of the world, a real ego booster. Thanks for a wonderful hours, hopefully longer next time xxx

By Andy on 1/8/2018

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