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Hale is a prosperous outlying area of Altrincham and was formerly a wealthy Cheshire agricultural village till the advent of the steam locomotive and the station being built. Then came the influx of upper middleclass businessmen and merchants from Manchester which is only about ten miles north. The station still operates and it is on the line that links Manchester to Chester. Hale now attracts the rich and famous as well as some of the most sophisticated and elite escorts on the planet. Riches tends to attract the very best and that has happened in this case. We are swamped with applications from candidates as we command a very high reputation in the industry. We are in the envious position of  being able to choose the most beautiful and the best, thus enhancing our reputation even further. Sunset escorts in Hale is well established and we are very much tuned into the needs of our local client base and the type of visitor that comes to the area’s plush hotels.

Hale escorts are a cut above the rest

The quality of the escorts in Hale is beyond reproach. They need to be well above average to survive in this wealthy enclave. The distinguish gentlemen of the area require the polished finished article when choosing a companion for either an intimate night in of pampering and passion or someone to accompany them to a social event. There are a lot of single professional gentlemen who just do not have the time or inclination to get tied down to a partner but are still in need of female companionship. This may be for a cosy night or to be his plus one to a party, wedding or other social functions. It is not uncommon for a gentleman to have a special favourite escort for these sort of occasions someone her can relate to that offers a bit of continuity and perhaps pass off as his girl friend.

It takes class to be an escort in Hale

It takes more than just class to become a successful escort in Hale, but it is a start. Hale escorts we represent have charm, charisma and highly developed social skills. They know how to mix with people from all social classes, be it with old establish money or new money. There is a lot of new wealth in the area with television personalities and premiership footballers amongst others choosing to live in the village alongside members of the legal and banking professions. Come what may our ladies are intent on making a long lasting favourable impression and are highly successful escorts.

daniella2 Escort


21 Yrs , 34C-28-32 , 5"9"
Deni3 Escort


20 Yrs , 34B 23 34 , 5'9"
Jenny3 Escort


28 Yrs , 32C 23 33 , 5'6"
Milla4 Escort


18 Yrs , 32B 23 32 , 5'5"
Alison1 Escort


23 Yrs , --- , 5'8"
Avianka2 Escort


18 Yrs , 32B 23 32 , 5'4"
Tabitha2 Escort


19 Yrs , 32C 23 33 , 5'4"
foxy2 Escort


25 Yrs , 32DD 23 33 , 5'9"
Nicol1 Escort


18 Yrs , 32C 23 33 , 5'4"
dora2 Escort


26 Yrs , 32D-24-34 , 5' 7"
BlueBle4 Escort


23 Yrs , 32B 24 32 , 5' 6"
Kyla3 Escort


20 Yrs , 34B 23 34 , 5`5"


20 Yrs , 34D-28-32 , 5'4"
Britney2 Escort


32 Yrs , 34B 23 34 , 5'7"
Lee4 Escort


25 Yrs , 32FF , 5' 6"
Emily2 Escort


20 Yrs , 32D 23 33 , 5`8"
isabel3 Escort


20 Yrs , 32D 23 33 , 5'6"
Helen1 Escort


24 Yrs , 32D 23 33 , 5`8"
grace2 Escort


23 Yrs , 32C 23 33 , 5`8"