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Wondering how to drive your boyfriend crazy so that you can maintain your relationship in a more positive way? You actually have to do a lot more than giving him a lip kiss in order to drive him crazy. So what should you do? Let’s find out:

Being Bold:

Surprise him by getting into the bathroom while he is taking a shower! This will be definitely a spontaneous and delightful treat for him. You can enjoy a shower with him and tell something provocative to make him want you. Start kissing his mouth, neck and caress his body, and see her excitement.

Send dirty texts:

Though you might assume that sending dirty text is a silly idea, let me tell you that it’s an excellent way to remind your guy of how sexy you’re, especially when you aren’t around. If you’ve to be apart for a few days, texting a few well-timed dirty messages is the best way to make your guy want you immediately. Text him what color innerwear or bra you are wearing today let him go wild no matter where he is.

Do a striptease:

We Manchester escorts actually practice this technique quite a lot to please our VIP clients. A striptease doesn’t need to be saved for the strippers only! Dim the lamps, push your guy on the bed, and get into the bedroom like you own that place with your should and head high. Wear high heels and some sexy lingerie and a sexy outfit that you can remove easily.  Make use of a chair as a prop as your guy can notice your sexy moves while you throw away your clothes.

Give him a lap dance:

A lap-dance is yet another sexy way to drive your guy wild. You can sit you guy down over a chair, play some sensual music, and have great fun getting on his lap, dancing around the chair, teasing him, and even twisting over with your back to your guy so he can explore your body.

Tease him:

If you really wish to dive your BF wild, then don’t give him what he always wishes from you easily. Rather, you must kiss him passionately for one or two minute, and then pull yourself away, leaving him wanting more and more. If you are out, touch him sensually by placing your hand on his thigh or cuddling his neck prior to moving away. If you are alone in the bedroom, drive him crazy with your passionate kisses cuddles before removing your garments.

Stay tuned with us for such more interesting dating tips. We will be more than happy if you find our post interesting!

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