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At the end of the day it makes no difference what hair an escort has  if a client has had a good time. Maybe seeing someone who he did not initially consider to be his type. Some guys do have preconceptions of the type of girl they want to see, but trying someone who does not fit your normal criteria could make things a bit more interesting. Many guys do not categorise choosing  their  hair colour.  Many men are more interested in services offered and makes his mind up by looking through the girl’s enjoy list. Other men take particular interest in body type, such as tall, petite or average height. What is more likely the gentlemen in question takes into account the vital statistic of the lady, such as bust size, waist and hips. Some men like busty escorts some gents like girls who have a slim athletic build. Although some clients may have a fetish for blondes, brunettes or red heads, it is more likely that a fetish or fantasy is based on what sort of role play the Manchester escort is likely to dress for. Such as a naughty school girl, nurse , police woman or French maid as well as many other guises, whether or not she is dominant, submissive or perhaps switch from one to the other.

Some men do prefer brunettes, blondes, redheads or raven headed beauties

Some guys just won’t stray from the type of girl he fancies based on hair colour. They have it in their heads then maybe blondes are more fun loving, or blondes are more flaky and they go for the brunettes who have the reputation of being more intelligent. The hair colour often does sometimes suggest the type of girl like a fiery feisty red head. The colour of a lady’s locks does occasionally stereotype what men think their personality is. Hot passion and being hot blooded is always the initial reaction about a raven haired Latina or Hispanics with sun drenched olive skin. Sometimes nothing can change this type of mind  set such as black or ebony escorts are wilder and feral. I am not sure how women who have dyed their hair various colours, like purple , magenta excreta are perceived. Maybe some gents just mark them down as being fun and having a free spirit that makes them interesting.  

Other reasons than hair type when choosing an escort

The quality of service you expect should be at the top of criteria as well as how much you fancy the Manchester escort in question. Occasionally a man may actually fancy seeing someone because of her Nationality or ethnicity. Again this is often because of reputation or preconceptions. Some men think Russians are raunchier, this and the extent of their beauty is the reputation that ladies from Russia appear to have in the minds of many men. The thing is they are bursting with curiously and won’t be content  till they find out. Of course this could apply to men who prefer blondes, they just may want to find out if ebony escorts are spicier, or red heads are hotter. The wise money is on a bit of what you fancy does you good, but maybe be a bit more adventurous and sample of types of escorts. Certainly there are many escorts in Manchester who fit into many different classifications as it is a cosmopolitan and multicultural city.

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