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The whole escorting scene is run on the theme of discretion and confidentiality. These two entities are valued by both client and escort. They both tend to like to take on a different persona whilst taking part in activities associated with the industry. One reason for this secrecy is that neither the escort nor client wants anyone else to know what illicit activities they are up to. There is another more subtle motive and that is that either the punter or girl want to take on another identity or persona and can play out a fantasy or just simply be their other self taking on a different persona leading up to and for the duration of the appointment. A client may use his real name when making a booking. However, it is very rare for an escort not to have a working name as they feel more comfortable working under a different identity and the escort side of their personality kicks in. Back on the real world, they can step back into the person they really are in the company of friends and family. That is a big part of why they want to keep their two different worlds as separate as possible.

Other reasons to maintain a state of discretion seeing an escort

Of course, even if it is a case both escort and punter want to be in a different role when seeing each other, there is also the other aspect of why they want to be discrete is they simply do not want others knowing what they get up to. As far as the punter is concerned he just does not want his wife or partner knowing. For this reason, he tries not to confide in anyone, keeping his alternative lifestyle a dark secret. If one person knows what your recreational secret is there is never a certainty that it won’t slip out for one reason or another.  If it is critical that family never find out then the gent may go to great lengths to cover his tracks. He will most certainly not use his real name. Though other precautions will include clearing down all internet browsing and email history. he may have two phones, his personal one and a secret one that only gets unearthed to make appointments. It is always of paramount importance for this reason the escort and agency are totally discrete when dealing with their clientele. An agency is never likely to leave a phone message in case the wrong person listens to it so the utmost of discretion is maintained whilst using this or any other method of communication.

Clients need to be discreet to protect the anonymity of the escort

Just like the client the escort probably needs to keep her escorting activities to herself so as not to attract the scorn or disapproval of family and friends. the last thing she wants to happen is to be acknowledged by a client whilst out in town. it is probably unlikely that will happen as in his personal life he won’t want the connection to be made either. Visit https://www.sunsetescorts.co.uk/

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