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Discretion is always a two way thing in the escort industry with privacy being important to both the escorts and clients. Many escorts are often working in secrecy where their friends and family are concerned and it is important to them that those close to them do not find out what activities they are involved in and the services they are providing. The women involved in the industry invariably use assumed names this also enables them to take on a different persona. Some ladies especially if working in the region they are from will have their faces blurred and distinctive tattoos airbrushed out. Actions like these are not to show a false image to prospective clients, but genuinely as an attempt to mask their identity. An escort will also greatly appreciate it if punters do not acknowledge then in the street; it is not being rude it is being discreet. Of course this works both ways as a I am sure that if you are with friends or family you would expect the same courtesy. definitely do not call out to a girl as she is probably known by different name in her other life. That is exactly what it is two separate lives. As a client the same probably applies to a lesser extent, but many clients do not use their real names or may use a middle name, again for the purposes of discretion whilst in the clandestine activity of visiting a Manchester escort.

Clients will go to great lengths to keep their activities discreet

Many punters are family men, some are at the top of their professions and for obvious reasons feel the need to keep any illicit liaisons discreet. If they are the type of person who needs extra feminine company or a distraction from their normal life seeing an escort or better still various ones keeps their dalliance far more discreet than having an affair or keeping a mistress. There are also no emotional ties, this also helps keep things discreet and at arm’s length. When contacting escorts or agencies some guys in addition to using false names will set up separate email accounts and clear their cache after using these accounts and also after each search for escorts.  Many of the precautions they take mirror the actions of the escorts they see. They may both use a second pay as you go phone. The escort having this mobile purely for business that she answers using her assumed name. The punter just unearthing his secondary device when making appointments then squirreling it away afterwards.

High class escort are always discrete

The more elite the escort in Manchester is then it usually follows the higher profile her client has. So as well as a moral obligation it is a professional necessity to respect his privacy at all times. This will be even  more important to her if he is a regular gentleman she sees. Even if only for selfish reasons she does not want to jeopardise regular income seeing a respectful gent. After a while she has probably formed an attachment and mutual understanding and wants to protect the name of someone she now genuinely likes.

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