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There are many qualities that help make an escort in Manchester an elite companion and there is a definite distinction between an escort and an elite escort who offers sophistication and the highest quality of companionship. Although an elite or high class companion still needs to have young fresh looks and a pleasing aesthetic appearance there is much more to being regarded as elite than beauty alone. After saying that the qualities of intelligence and being personable need to complimented the necessary model like beauty that an elite escort needs to have. Her physique is very important as such a lady needs to look elegant chic and stylish displaying panache. Natural beauty is all important and should not be marred by tattoos or body piercings as they can be unsightly and not at all becoming.  Any breast enhancements ought to be tastefully done and be in proportion to the rest of the body.

Elite Manchester escort maintain a certain lifestyle

The best elite escorts in Manchester like to keep themselves in tip top condition taking care of their complexion and wellbeing by keeping to a healthy diet. Many of these ladies are well toned and gym fit ensuring that their sumptuous curves are all in the right places. They need to have expensive tastes when it comes to assembling their wardrobe with tailored designer wear that makes the most of their modelesque appearance, complementing every curvature of their beautifully sculptured physiques. They need to look the part of a trophy wife or girlfriend. To complete this picture they will be perfectly manicured and groomed having their hair fashionably styled, being dressed stylishly. It is also important that they combine sophistication and glamour at all times avoiding to look cheap and tawdry.  

Elite escorts are a class above

Top quality escorts are usually well educated, many going to private schools, some holding down good employment positions with elite escorting being a part time occupation and often to supplement their social lives as well as their income. Due to the high profile clients they see and the assignments they expect to take, an elite lady is usually cultured having an appreciation of the arts, theatre and excels at good conversation. They also need the social skills to blend in and be unobtrusive at dinner parties and high society functions whilst they are acting as a plus one for a respected and honoured guest.

Manchester has elite escorts, it is not just confined to London

The trend of elite escorts or courtesans was in the most part confined to the better parts of London, such as Chelsea, Kensington and Knightsbridge. This is no longer the case and many parts of south Manchester and Cheshire are some of the most affluent parts of the country outside of these exclusive areas of the capital. Of course many of the top notch high class escorts in Manchester worthy to be called elite often go to London on week long or weekend assignments in London as well as some of the other European capitals. This is also aided by the fact that Manchester has the most prominent and busiest international airport outside of London  as well as having a swift and efficient rail service to Euston station London enabling them to travel with ease and flexibility to wherever they are needed.

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