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Manchester is of great Historical significance

There was a settlement here in the Roman times with the city evolving and acting as a market town dependent on outlying agricultural areas. However, in Victorian times it was at the heart of the industrial revolution with engineering and cotton industries being the mainstay. The Museums in the city and in the rest of the Metropolitan area reflects the influence of the Victorian era as does a lot of the splendid architecture in the city centre. Prime examples being the free trade hall, Royal exchange, Corm exchange and the libraries, though there are numerous other examples.

The Science and history museum is a great attraction

The Science and history museum reflect the industrial heritage of the region, not only to the cotton industry, but to what developed afterwards with the Air and space gallery with a replica of the first ever British plane to fly successfully as well as other vintage aircraft. 

Castlefields is a designated Urban heritage park

This is an area which you can explore at your leisure, possibly hand in hand with a Manchester escort. It is a great area to explore as you can negotiate your way around the canal basin where barges used to convey coal from where it was mined near Worsley to Manchester. Escorts in Manchester love to stroll round this are as there are a few bars as well as places to eat. You may find a trip on a Bridgewater cruise boat interesting. There are often festivals and carnivals held in this heritage park and  there is a seating area sloping up an embankment with a stage area below. 

 John Ryland and Chethams Libraries

Chethams Hospital dating back to 1422 and had priests in residence is now home to a music school and one of the oldest public libraries in England, with over half of them being published prior to 1850. It is also the famous meeting place for Karl Marx and Engels. Other libraries include John Rylands Victorian Library, now part of the university which houses many special collections and some medieval texts. There is also the main central library near the town hall, which is another building which is noteworthy and worth a look. 

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