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Whether you are a seasoned punter or a novice, the preparation is the same. However, someone new to seeing escorts, or at least elite escorts may need to search for a suitable independent lady or a Manchester escort agency specialising in the elite end of the market.  Have a good look round on various websites for elite escorts. Don’ be put off if the ladies are not scantily clad as you are now in new territory. Expect your elite escort to look stylish and chic with panache. be nice and polite whilst arranging the appointment or you may even jeopardise your date. Now you are in the realms of the highest class escorts and they are probably even more choosy than the average client.  Whilst making the arrangements check the services available, rates and any preferred venue if a dinner date is agreed.

Getting ready to see your Manchester elite escort

If you are not used to seeing an elite escort in Manchester or anywhere else for the matter.  Treat your appointment as a first date with a real girlfriend you want to impress and you won’t go far wrong. Spend time in the bathroom to get yourself spruced up, best aftershave, shower gel excreta, freshly laundered clothes and go to see her smart casual. Escorts of this quality sometimes get gifts as well as a fee. maybe you would like to consider that. If it is an elite Manchester escort with her own website, then she may have some suggestions one of her web  page. If you are visiting her at her apartment then ensure you are allowing enough time. It is very important to be punctual, let her know if you are having problems getting there.  If you are meeting at your place or hotel, then ensure it is spotless, especially the bathroom as she is bound to freshen up in there.

Meeting your elite escort in Manchester

Be friendly and polite, wherever the meeting takes place. The chances are you will be having a dinner date as with many escorts of elite status it in the minimum date requirement. Tell her how nice she looks as your companion is bound to have gone to great lengths to present herself in the best possible light. Escorts of her status are usually very professional in their approach to every date. Have the fee ready, maybe in an envelope and pass it over. Now that the business formality is over you can both relax and enjoy yourselves. Try and chat naturally about things in general. If you are struggling to keep the conversation flowing, let her take control as she is used to these situations much more than you. She will be a confident women or would not be escorting, so if need be let her take the lead.  Always be respectful and if you have had a good time tell her how wonderful she was. During the date smile, have open body language and maintain eye contact that might just help ignite a spark between you.

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